Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas, Bah Humbug!

Okay, the intermittent blogger is back making statements about her "gifts" at this the time of gift giving.  Would you like to know what's so funny about holiday shopping?  Everything in people's minds and their subsequent behavior.  When I need a really good laugh this time of year, I take an hour and go to a store where folks are madly dashing about shopping for people on their gift lists and just open the door to my "other ears" the most minute of cracks and listen to what's being broadcast into the "ethers" by those dear folks.  "Let's see, when I get this crap done here, I get to run to Target and see if they still have any of those (insert whatever you choose here), then, let's see, OH CRAP! @%#&$$@#!! Where did the kid get off to now!  CRAP!  Get over here!  I don't have time for this stuff of yours!"  And, all the while this person is smiling and telling everyone he/she meets that this is their favorite time of year.  Yep, sure sounds like it.  To add to the interesting nature of the season, the energies being shunted off into the atmosphere by folks is astoundingly weird too!   Sadness, misery, dismay, despair, greed, avarice, hesitancy, unworthiness to receive or give gifts...  all of it is being broadcast into the air, and, what's sad to me, is that very few folks notice any of it ~ even those who are doing it!  This time of year, my soul hears and feels all of the "Merry Christmas! Bah Humbug!" that is out there and wishes it could help people understand that what is in their minds is also in their hearts and is being shown more clearly than their actions much of the time.

You want to know who I love being around at this time of year ~ carolers and kids.  There is usually more than enough joy, happiness, wonderment, pleasantness, sincerity of thought and purity of heart to go around when those 2 groups are around.  They fill the atmosphere with so much positivity and make me feel their boyant spirits even when my "other ears" are closed tight.  I miss living in a time and place when carolers were more the norm than not.  My ability to carry a tune by myself is limited, but, I'm going out tomorrow and be a flash mob of one and sing carols to lighten the mood in the world.  Bellefontaine, Ohio beware!  This is not an idle threat!  It's a real threat...  I'm gonna sing in at least 1 or 2 unusual places all by myself tomorrow just because I'm happy, content and really thrilled to be around this year!  Sixty years old and 54 of them psychic.  Unbelievable that is has been that long since I gained knowledge of this gift and how to use.  I'm glad for it this time of year, because it can help me entertain myself when I get down...  sorry folks, but, it's true...  there are those of us out there that are funny because of the dichotomy of their words and thoughts.

Have met a lot of folks lately who don't realize how psychic or "intuitive" they really are.  They are really the joy in my Christmas season this year.  When I tell them they are just like me, they tell me there can be no way that is possible till I point out to them where and how they are using their "gifts" as well.  YAY!  I'm not the only one like me out there.  There are so many "gifted" kids growing up behind me knowing they have a gift.  Merry Christmas! no bah humbug!  How cool is that!  Knowing they are gifted with an intuition that it is okay to use.  How wonderful for them!  How difficult for them as well, but, with love and support from family and friends they will be less of an oddity than I feel like at times. 

So, to the psychic ones out there besides me, Merry Christmas!  To the rest who think and feel one thing and say and do another, Bah Humbug!  Lighten up, let go of pretense and just be...   or go people watching and have a good laugh instead of fretting over gifts and wrapping paper.