Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blogging again - working with kids with gifts

I'm blogging again.  Not really because I feel like I have that much to say, but, because the time feels right for me to do so.  It's been a very interesting time since last I posted.  You see, I've been working with children who happen to have gifts of their very own.  And, I've learned that I could become very jealous of them and their innate abilities and of their having a fabulous mother who encourages them to be all that they are and use their gifts and learn to manage them well, even at their young ages.  But, the good news is that I have learned not to be jealous, but, to instead be loving, supportive and as helpful as I can with my own knowledge.

These kids are phenomenal to work with.  The little boy ~ he's all of 4 years old ~ is a certified boy!  Wiggly, full of energy and ready to roughhouse out the drop of a hat.  Well, that's what the world in general sees.  I also get to know and learn from and try to teach the young boy who can tell you what colors and things you are thinking of with nearly 100% accuracy; who can project healing energy better and with more compassion than I have seen and felt from many adults; and, who loves to learn how to control the healing energies and learn healing techniques to help his family.  His sister is most definitely all girl ~ very clothes conscious, hair fixed just so, loves pink anything ~ a regular little 8 year old girl, on the outside.  Her compassion knows no boundaries when working with healing energies.  She's a quick study in how to move energy from Point A to Point B and does a wonderful job helping her younger brother realize how to do that during demonstrations of techniques I ask her to do for him.  She both feels and sees energies around bodies and illnesses and is very adamant that she will learn how to make things better before she gets grown up. 

These kids are also special because they see dead people without flinching and intuitively know who's a "good person" and who is out to be "mean and nasty" to borrow their words.  They totally amaze me.  And, of course, they make me hope and pray that other kids who are growing up like them are as blessed as they are to have a loving mom who tells them that they are normal and that having gifts is a good thing and not a problem or a bad thing like some parents have done to their kids in the past and are still doing to their kids these days as well.  (Not talking about mine ~ they really didn't address it much at all ~ cuz I didn't bring it up much at all.)

Working with these gifted kids is really a blessing to me.  It forces me to continue to keep acknowledging my own gifts, learning to increase their potential for helping others ~ yes, even the seeing dead people part~ and they keep me honest with myself about who and what I am.  That's the greatest thing about working with these two characters ~ they keep me honest with myself and I'm ever so grateful for that.