Friday, February 19, 2010

Why don't people talk in their heads?

You know what's really hard to comprehend when you are 6 years old?  Why folks living in their own skins  don't talk to you like the dearly departed do.  Seriously.  When Lis visited me and we talked, we talked in our minds and sometimes aloud.  That seemed perfectly normal.  We would just think things and understand what each other was thinking.  I knew that folks in their skins talk with their mouths.  Where the confusion came in after I discovered I could hear thoughts was that the living don't very often realize mind to mind communication is possible.  If I asked Mom and Dad once, I know I asked them umpteen million times, "why does so and so talk nice from her/his mouth and say such mean things in his/her head?"  The response was always one of "what are you talking about?  Hush, go play.  Stop dreaming things up!" and so on.  Typical parent responses to what must have seemed to them to be foolishness and a neurotic response to a sister's death.  It was far from it.  I was really serious.  It truly confused my 6 year old brain when I could hear the thoughts of others (especially adults) as clear as day in my mind and the words that came from their mouths were so entirely different in tone and meaning. 

So, confused and totally clueless, I learned to listen to thoughts and hear the words of others - children, adults, teenagers, old folks, even critters and pets.  I just didn't ask my folks about it after a while.  What was the use in that?  After all, they weren't hearing other peoples thoughts and hearing different words coming out of their mouths.  How could they begin to understand what it was I was experiencing?  They apparently couldn't do those things, so how could they explain the differences between how things worked when you can have those experiences and when you can't have them.  I learned at an extremely young age to trust my instincts and those little thoughts that dashed quickly and quietly through my head about events, places, animals and people.  It kept me from harm at least once that I remember, and made me, in many aspects, a shy child who made friends with great difficulty and didn't trust many people of any age for a very long time.

To this day, I am able to pick up on thoughts that others are having.  No, I don't go around eavesdropping on other folks thoughts.  That's rude, impolite and unacceptable unless permission has been granted to do so.  But, I do know when friends are ill, worried, in trouble, happy beyond all belief and the like.  The vibrations and thoughts that come to me from them call their names in my mind with a different type of vibrational tone and quality to them that give me a clue as to what is going on with that particular person.  So, for example, is Sally Sue is having an especially happy day, I'll hear "Sally Sue" over and over and over again in my mind in a bouncy, high, wind chime type vibration in my mind until I finally talk to her or she calls or visits and tells me the great news.  And, because I learned so young to trust my instincts and believe the thoughts that I felt and heard, I have, as an adult, retained that trust in my instincts and learned to read the subtle body and facial language clues that most folks ignore because they speak as loudly to me as minds do and are as truthful as mind speaking as well.

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