Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tearing down walls

Last time we met was Christmas - what a hoot that season is.  Before that, I was a teenager who had successfully wished away her gifts, or so she thought.  Not so much.  When my first husband and I started attending the local Presbyterian church, I met a young gal who could talk in her head too... and no one else knew about it much at all.  Granted she was a few years younger than me, but, we hit it off quite well, despite her mother's fear that I was some kind of weirdo stalker chick out to hurt her kid.  It was far from that.  We really understood one another and the things that were going on energetically around us.  That was such a great thing for the both of us then, and, it continues to be to this very day.  Odd ducks sometimes do gravitate toward one another - not that she's weird or odd, just that she is energetically tuned in when so many around us are not. 

Well, it was because of this young woman I had to learn how to access my gifts again.  Really ticked me off having to do that too!  She would sit and think about talking to me and I would hear her, clear as a bell, calling my name out loud.  Look around, no one there, no one talking to me.   CRAP!  Call her on the phone, "Were you thinking of calling?"  "Yes."  "Cut it out! I hear you calling my name."  She'd just laugh and tell me I was supposed to be able to hear her and to get my head out of my butt and do what I was supposed to do naturally.  And so, through our years of friendship, especially the early ones, she would think of something she wanted to talk about, I'd hear my name being called, or she would come to mind, and the phone calls would start flying back and forth till we caught up with one another and had time to sit down for a long talk.  (Yes, this was in the days waaaaay before cell phones.  We actually had to use landline phones that dialed when you wanted to place a call.)

Once the walls I had built up as a teenager started to come down, all the noise, the chatter, the emotions, etc that I had pushed away came back into my "realm of existence" with a vengenance.  Twenty-four hours a day, non-stop for the longest time.  Reconnecting to the "ethers" wasn't pleasant, but, it did teach me that I was supposed to learn to control what I was "gifted" with and to use it in the best interest of others.  I began devouring books by every medium, psychic, clairvoyant and mystic I could get my hands on.  Jeanne Dixon, Cayce, et al. were people I learned a great deal about.  I read about the Girl with the Blue Eyes, Atlantis, and all other forms of what has been referred to as "New Age" wisdom.  I accepted that I was not alone in hearing things that no one else heard.  What was puzzling was how to control it.  None of the books I was reading then gave that kind of clarity to the process.  That took time and patience... two things a twenty-something didn't want to take.

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